Mickey and Minnie Join the Festival!? 2018 Kobe Matsuri, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture

Kobe City: Rich in Tourist Attractions and Gourmet Delights

Kobe City, the capital of Hyogo Prefecture, offers a wealth of attractions and culinary delights.

The city is home to scenic spots such as Mount Rokko and the nighttime views at Kobe Harborland, as well as Nunobiki Falls, which is counted among Japan’s three great waterfalls. Additionally, you can find unique architectural structures like mosques and the Ijinkan (foreign residences), which are rarely seen elsewhere in Japan.

In Nankinmachi, one of Japan’s three major Chinatowns, you can enjoy a variety of street food from different vendors. The pork buns from “Roushouki,” a long-established shop founded in Taisho 4 (1915), are so famous that people line up to get them.

Furthermore, Kobe is known for other delicious foods such as Kobe Soba-meshi, Kobe Ramen, and Bokkake. There are so many gourmet delights in Kobe that you will definitely want to try them when you visit.

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Let’s Visit Kobe Matsuri!

Location: Various locations in Kobe City, mainly in Sannomiya, Chuo Ward

Date: May 19-20, 2018 (Sunday)

Access: Immediately accessible from JR Sannomiya Station

Note: Due to traffic restrictions and expected heavy congestion, other modes of transportation are not recommended.

Kobe Matsuri Official Website

Kobe Matsuri started in Showa 46 (1971) as a festival for citizens to participate in. Celebrating its 47th year with the theme “Green, Sea, and Love,” it is the largest festival in Hyogo Prefecture.

The festival evolved from the “Minato Festival” held since 1933 and the “100th Anniversary of the Port of Kobe Celebration” in 1967, including its pre-event, the “Kobe Carnival.” The festival was originally conceived as a city-wide celebration by the mayor at the time to lift spirits during the recession of Showa 8 (1933). It started as a new type of citizen-created festival.

The highlight of the festival is the main event, the Main Festival, but various smaller festivals are also held in different districts across the city. Additionally, events are organized at the community and neighborhood levels, making this a festival truly centered around the citizens.v

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Disney Characters Join the Fun!?

The Main Festival features market events and stage events, but the biggest attraction is the “Omatsuri Parade.” The parade route starts from Higashi Yuenchi in Sannomiya, passes through Flower Road and Sannomiya Chuo Street, and ends in front of Kobe Daimaru in Motomachi.

Many groups participate in the “Omatsuri Parade,” making it a colorful spectacle. The “Samba Street” is one of the must-see attractions, featuring samba dancers in dazzling costumes.

Additionally, Tokyo Disney Resort will also participate. Leading the parade, Mickey and Minnie will bring smiles to the streets of Kobe. It is recommended to secure a viewing spot early if you want to see them up close.

Moreover, the Jedi Order will join the parade. Even Darth Vader, accompanied by stormtroopers, will make an appearance.

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A Festival for Everyone to Enjoy

This festival offers a chance to see Mickey and Minnie along with Darth Vader. Whether you’re a Disney fan or just looking for a fun time with family, friends, or a significant other, this festival is perfect. Be sure to check it out!

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